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Treat your dog to their own vacation while you're away!

Our team of pet care professionals will provide best-in-class service

and positive experiences - for you and your pet.

With relaxing music and soft lighting at night, a quiet area for special needs or elderly pets, comfortable air temperature year-round, and a room for staff to stay in preparation for storms, you can rest assured while your dog enjoys their stay.

Standard Boarding

$32 per night, per dog

A comfortable option for dogs that do best individually, or as owner preference.

Great for dogs that are nervous, reactive, elderly, or for those who have special needs.

We also have an Individual Attention sessions available daily to provide extra attention for dogs that are not signed up for daycare. These sessions include up to 30 minutes of activity such as outside playtime, brushing, puzzles, ice cream treats, massage or cuddles - whatever your dog loves! Individual attention is $10/session and is optional. Please let us know if you would like to add any sessions to your dog's stay!

Boarding with Group Play

$39 per night, per dog

A fun option for playful, social dogs with appropriate play styles.

When boarding with play, dogs are able to participate in daycare throughout their stay.

Long stays can be tiring and overwhelming for some dogs, so breaks from daycare may be issued when needed to keep their stay enjoyable and allow for rest.

Additional Pricing & Other Details to Know:

Boarding Rates: Cover 24 hours. Additional time on the day of pick up is subject to a daycare charge for players, or $4/hour for standard boarding.

Healthcare Warranty: $5 per dog, per stay over one night. This healthcare warranty is included to cover any illnesses or injuries, requiring vet care up to $300, that occur during their stay - excluding injuries from themselves or siblings, as well as pre-existing or breed-specific conditions.

Holiday Boarding: $5 per dog, per night during peak holiday periods, including but not limited to Dec. 21 - 26 & Dec. 31 - Jan. 2

Special Handling: Determined on a case-by-case basis. This could be applied for those that need excessive clean up due to messes in their kennels, special handling of aggressive dogs, or separating siblings for feeding. Some dogs require more attention which we are happy to help with but this does mean more time for our staff to get through daily duties thus this special handling charge. If you are curious if this applies to your dog, feel free to reach out to us.

Complimentary Baths: Any boarders can receive a complimentary bath after 4 or more consecutive nights, please let staff know upon scheduling. Not guaranteed but will do our best to accommodate. Some baths may be waived for dogs that are not comfortable being handled by us or for health concerns.

Gourmet Enrichment:

Our food related Sunday Fundays have always been a clear favorite, especially for the dogs! We decided to ramp things up around the kitchen and begin offering what we are calling "Gourmet Enrichment." While some items may be offered to-go, most will be served during our break time while dogs are kenneled. This will provide a nice mental challenge after all the physical stimulation of playing!

These fancy, dog friendly treats will be available on select days throughout the week. Each week, the days and treats will rotate so everyone can have a chance to taste the delicacies. We have posted our menu below so you can view what will be available next week!

You may sign your boarding or daycare pup up for the treat add-ons on Facebook, by giving us a call, or letting us know at drop off! Quantities will be limited based on availability. 

We are now offering discounted pricing to those who ask for Gourmet Enrichment each day their dog is here. These dogs are automatically added for every enrichment item, no sign ups needed. Everyday enrichment participants receive 20% off

Menu for July(2)