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Are you looking for a safe, clean, and engaging outlet for your dog's life?

Our daycare may be the perfect fit in their life. Providing a place for socialized dogs to interact under the supervision of pet care professionals.


A little about our daycare:

Our daycare has two sessions Monday through Saturday - one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and one session on Sunday Afternoons. Between sessions, there is a break period for dogs to decompress and relax in order to calm the mind. This resting time is essential to avoid over stimulation, allowing dogs to truly enjoy their daycare experience.



Each dog is required to have an afternoon assessment prior to joining our off-leash play sessions. Please schedule by calling our front desk as we do not accept walk-ins for assessments. During this time, we will assess their comfort level before introducing a variety of dogs one-on-one and then in small groups. This allows us to ensure they will enjoy group play in an off-leash setting. The cost for this first visit is $25, which includes an afternoon session of play.

Our other requirements for daycare are that all participants over the age of 12 months are spayed or neutered and all dogs are required to be up-to-date on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Please bring a copy of these records, along with a filled out application, on the first visit.


Daycare Cost:

Packages available: 10 days for the price of 9 or 20 days for the price of 17!

Packages must be purchased in full prior to the first use. They are available anytime and never expire, but can only be used for visits of the same value or less.

Healthcare Warranty is a added charge of $5 per dog, per month. This is included to cover any illnesses or injuries they sustained while in our care, requiring vet care up to $300 - excluding injuries from themselves or siblings, as well as pre-existing or breed specific conditions. It covers physical injuries for up to 48 hours of leaving the facility and up to 72 hours of leaving for illnesses.

Half Day Price(2)
Full Day Price(2)
SF Price
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Drop Off Pick Up Times Morning Drop Off 8 - 9 AM Mid-day Pick Up 1130 AM - 12 PM Mid-day Drop Off 1 - 130 PM Afternoon Pick Up 4 - 430 PM(1)
Drop Off Pick Up Times Morning Drop Off 8 - 9 AM Mid-day Pick Up 1130 AM - 12 PM Mid-day Drop Off 1 - 130 PM Afternoon Pick Up 4 - 430 PM

Gourmet Enrichment:

Our food related Sunday Fundays have always been a clear favorite, especially for the dogs! We decided to ramp things up around the kitchen and begin offering what we are calling "Gourmet Enrichment." While some items may be offered to-go, most will be served during our break time while dogs are kenneled. This will provide a nice mental challenge after all the physical stimulation of playing!

These fancy, dog friendly treats will be available on select days throughout the week. Each week, the days and treats will rotate so everyone can have a chance to taste the delicacies. We have posted our menu below so you can view what will be available next week!

You may sign your boarding or daycare pup up for the treat add-ons on Facebook, by giving us a call, or letting us know at drop off! Quantities will be limited based on availability. 

We are now offering discounted pricing to those who ask for Gourmet Enrichment each day their dog is here. These dogs are automatically added for every enrichment item, no sign ups needed. Everyday enrichment participants receive 20% off

June Gourmet Enrichment Menu