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Where They Stay and Play

A Little Insight Into Our Facility

We strive to provide a comfortable space for every pup. Our cabanas are 6' x 4' and 6' x 6'. We have cabanas with open bars that allow the dogs to see out and allows the space to feel more open. We also have cabanas with panels half way up for dogs that do not like, or are otherwise stressed out by seeing other dogs. We have a separate section of cabanas across the building, as well as a quiet room with only a few kennels for elderly or nervous dogs to have a more serene, relaxing environment. These kennels are filled on an as-needed basis and not able to be reserved.


Every dog gets a cot and/or blankets. We keep bowls of water that are refilled several times daily in each kennel. Any toys or bedding you bring will stay in their cabana unless needing cleaned or have been torn up. Kennel staff keep eye on kennels for accidents and clean accordingly. 

cabana room

We have 2 outdoor play yards, as well as 2 inside playrooms. Weather permitting, we keep the pups outside as much as possible, sometimes with the doors to the indoor area open so dogs can decide to be in or out. All our play areas are viewable from our video cameras.