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About Us


About Us

Play and Stay Dog Lounge offers high quality, affordable, special services and socialization for all dogs in our care. We are dedicated to working with the community to provide a better environment for all dogs and their owners.

Our Story

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable team of pet care professionals. Our staff not only provides pet care services for a living, but also regularly volunteers their personal time to help with local animal rescue and rehabilitation. And with decades of combined experience, you can have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your pet will be safe and in the hands of caring experts.

Our Team

Sudhakar Parthasarathy, Owner

Sudhakar, the proud owner of Play and Stay Dog Lounge since June 2024, has been a lifelong animal lover with a genuine passion for dogs of all sizes. He has dedicated his life to providing the best care for these loyal companions. Sudhakar has adopted a lab mix, a beagle, a golden retriever, and a poodle into his own pack, exemplifying his commitment to giving dogs a loving home. With extensive experience in dog sitting and boarding, he understands the unique needs of each dog and tailors his care to ensure their happiness and well-being. Committed to creating a safe and engaging space, he ensures that every dog at Play and Stay Dog Lounge enjoys their time through various fun activities and social interactions. Known for his professionalism and reliability, Sudhakar is a trusted name in the dog care community, always putting the needs of the dogs first.

Linda, Chief Consultant

As the former owner for a decade, I am now going to stay employed as a consultant for the new owner, Sudhakar Parthasarathy. I will be consulting, doing finances, and filling in as a sub when needed. I hope that my experience over the past years will help transition the new owner and make the change a smooth one. Thank you to everyone who has made my ownership so wonderful. See you on the days I sub.

  • Community minded
  • Business background as a YMCA Executive for 15 years
  • Loves animals of all kinds
  • Volunteered at Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation for many years prior to opening Play and Stay
  • Understands how important our dogs are to us and will always make improvements or additions to make the dog(s) time at Play and Stay one they truly enjoy.

Amber, Co-Manager

Amber has been with our small business since we opened in 2014.

Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR, The Healthy Salon: Sanitation and Disease Prevention, Canine Massage, Knowing Dogs 101 and Knowing Dogs 201, as well as Intro to Dog Training. 

Attended IVCC where she was certified in the medical field. 

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Thorough knowledge of dog behavior and body language
  • Grew up with all kinds of animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets, frogs, chinchillas, and even a snake (just to name a few).
  • Committed to dog training and socialization
  • Completed an apprenticeship with a local veterinary clinic.
  • Owns a Lab mix named Zeus, a Shepherd mix named Merci, Poodle mix named Creed, and a cat named Cloud, who after growing up at Play and Stay, now thinks he is a dog.


Sami, Co-Manager

Sami joined the team in the Summer of 2022.  

I have 3 fur monsters myself. My pack includes Sabrina, a mix of everything, Halo, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix, and Denali, a Husky/German Shepard mix. In addition to my pups, I also have 2 cats named Jupiter and Saturn. They are also little monsters that aren't fans of people or pups and will charge them. They I have always loved dogs and wanted to work with them. I have previously worked at a dog groomers for 2 years and did a 12-week long internship at a training facility. One of my dogs, Halo, is people and dog reactive. Through consistent training, she is learning how to coexist with my other dogs and be comfortable around new people. Having so much diversity with my pups and the dogs that I have worked with, I have a lot of experiences with different dog types and personalities!

Skye, Supervisor

My name is Skye and I joined the team at the beginning of 2023. My babies are a goofy lab/great Pyrenees mix named Halo, a crazy mix named Sabrina, and a stubborn husky/shepherd mix named Denali. If that looks familiar, Sami happens to be my sister, so we share fur babies. I've always loved animals since I was young. This is my first time professionally working with animals, and it inspired me to work towards dog training. I've seen many dogs with behavioral issues, even owned some, and now I want to be able to help my fellow doggie parents. Play and Stay is a great place to be able to study how dogs behave while also getting to play with them.

Jenny, Customer Service Rep.

My name is Jenny and I have made learning about and rescuing animals my priority ever since my first conscious thought as a child. Over the years I have done everything from fostering to transport, working in a veterinary office, and volunteering for local shelters, rescues and even a small zoo. I have been with Play and Stay since 2018.
I have a large fur family at home including some furry tarantulas that I find fascinating. My dog pack includes a hound mix named Moonshine, a Border Collie named Willow, a sweet old gal named Dixie, and a Lab mix named Peridot. I have a dream job that I've sought out my whole life, where I get to serve, care for, teach, love, and play with other people's dogs for a living. In my opinion, it doesn't get better than that.

Candice, Daycare Attendant

Candice joined our team in the winter of 2022 and is certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. A lifetime animal lover with many years of caring for her personal pack of dogs. Currently, she owns a Bulldog named Bruiser and a lab mix named Sam as well as a few kitties.  While she loves all dogs especially the hound mix of Jenny's pictured above, labs have a special place in her heart. She enjoys meeting all the new pups and loving them as if they are her own. She has experience handling different personalities and temperaments making her a great handler in our daycare groups.

Mercedeez, Daycare Attendant

My name is Mercedeez or “Soup” and I’ve been an animal person my whole short life, joining the team in winter of 2023. I’ve had animals of all kinds and still do. Over the years I’ve had and grown up with so many different kinds of animals. My household currently has: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, a beardie, a ball python, 13 rats, 5 tarantulas (one thanks to Jenny), 2 bunnies, and a turtle. I love every animal, especially the “weird” ones and since forever I’ve saved insects and wanted to take in everything from outside. But that said I especially love the big dogs. So dear mastiff and Great Dane owner please keep coming in.


Shelley, Daycare Attendant

My name is Shelley and I have been an animal lover my entire life, especially dogs and horses.
I attended IVCC and Blackhawk College in Kewanee, IL, where I earned degrees in Equestrian Science and Horse Science Technology.
Growing up, I had several pets, including dogs, hamsters, turtles, and fish. Currently, I have a boxer/lab mix named Sammy and
a bearded dragon named Nacho.
I joined the team in March, 2024 and I look forward to expanding my training, knowledge, and experience with dogs at Play and Stay Dog Lounge.