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Are you looking for a trainer that uses positive training methods that are based in the latest science?


Play and Stay Dog Lounge offers group classes for dogs of all ages through Discover Pet Training, LLC. The head trainer, Marisha, has many years of experience working with a wide variety of animals. She uses positive, force-free training methods that focus on setting your dog or puppy up for success.


We offer many enriching courses from manners and obedience to trick and agility. These classes are held in the evenings to better fit your schedule. You can see more about her training services and programs here on her website. You can also check out her Facebook page for most up to date announcements.


To schedule for a group class or inquire about available classes call us at 815-313-9477.


Any questions for our trainer, you can reach Marisha at 262-909-4512.



"When I first came to Discover Pet Training with Marisha, I had a nervous and shy Border Collie mix. She was 2 years old and had only been with us for a couple of months. Marisha showed great patience with my nervous girl, and has earned both her trust and love. Since then (almost two years ago now) we've done ALL kinds of classes with Discover Pet Training- beginner and advanced obedience, agility, loose leach walking, stretching, and she even holds a trick title! My shy little dog was lacking some SERIOUS confidence (which I admit sounded crazy to me when Marisha said it out loud). My dog is a completely different dog today. While she can still be nervous with new some new people, she trusts me enough to know she's safe, and Marisha has taught me how to read her body language and remove her from situations if needed. My dog has very strong sit, stay, leave it, and recall commands. People love that she can wave goodbye to them, or jump through a hula hoop with just a one word command. Kids like that they can give her a hand signal to sit, she's learned to present her side to people when I tell her to "say hi", she knows that "focus" means to make eye contact with me, and not break it. She can "check in" on a walk, she sits to cross a street, and I'm not joking when I say that she will turn left or right on command. Marisha has totally changed the balance of our household with her training! I am forever grateful to her in teaching both my dog and I how to have a good relationship and build on basic skills. We love that she offers not just basic obedience classes, but fun and unique ones too that gave a smart dog the chance to build her confidence and both of us the opportunity to bond through training while she was adjusting to a new home. I know this is a long post, but I have so much positive things to say about Marisha and Discover Pet Training that I could go on forever! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with a dog that needs manners, confidence, or just got a new dog or puppy during the adjustment period. This is an actual photo of my very happy dog during an outdoor session of training class."

"Marisha is an excellent trainer who uses positive methods. She coached me through several trick dog titles on my dogs and helped us to develop strong bonds that are so important for a dog and her human."

"We love Marisha! If I could give her more stars, I would. She's the best trainer you can find in our area. She uses positive reinforcement training, which we love! She has helped so much with our reactive German Shepherd, Atlas(all with positive reinforcement). We used to not be able to take him for walks or, really anywhere, without him reacting to other dogs. We can now confidently take him for walks and even into dog friendly businesses around our area. We'll never be able to express how grateful we are. She is now helping with our nervous golden retriever, Luna. She offers puppy classes, group classes, private classes, and more recently classes that take you into local businesses with your dog. Her group classes range from basic obedience, CGC, trick classes, pedestal classes, walking classes and more. If you have a reactive dog, she also has private behavioral modification classes. We've taken more classes than I can count with her, and have no plans of stopping any time soon! We've even taken some of her classes multiple times. Marisha is always available to answer any and all questions and is an overall wonderful person. We send everyone we meet her way when it comes to training."