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Play and Stay Dog Training

Are you looking for a trainer to help you and your dog to be the best team you can be?


Play and Stay Dog Lounge offers group classes for dogs of all ages utilizing balanced training methods and tools. After interning with a local trainer, Sami is stepping up to lead our training classes.

We offer many enriching courses to work on manners and obedience. These classes are held in the evenings to better fit your schedule.

To schedule for a group class or inquire about available classes call us at 815-313-9477.


Bundles and Privates

Privates- $75  We are not currently holding private classes

while we are not currently holding privates, we hope to start holding them in July

Bundles- Intro & Advancing the Basics-$225  

-Advancing & Basics in Public-$225 (Intro Class/Previous Training required

-Intro, Advancing, and Public- $325

Class Cost

Intro to the Basics-$125

place, loose leash walking, confidence building, leave it, sit, down

Advancing the Basics-$125

building duration and distractions to all of the objectives in 'Intro to Basics'

Basics in Public-$125

building on learned objectives in public

Head Trainer Bio

Sami- My dog, Halo, started having issues with people and other dogs. My family and I sought out training with a local trainer and that is where I found my passion for training. I eventually applied for an internship with them and was there for about 12 weeks. When Halo was younger we strictly used a harness and had trouble with her pulling. At our first training session, the trainer recommended utilizing a prong collar. At first I was hesitant about using it, as I was taught that prong collars, e-collars, and kennels weren't to be used. After that, my communication with Halo got better and she walks nicely.  Since then, she has been kennel trained and I will be e-collar training her also.

Interning Trainer Bio

Amber- Growing up around dogs, a love for working with them grew with me. As a child I learned about utilizing different methods based on what was best for each dog. My first experience was with my personal chihuahua mix that was reactive to people especially men. I learned from this experience how important handler relations and confidence plays into dog training. Later on I adopted a lab mix that after being attacked became dog reactive and I worked with him in both private and group settings with another trainer. This experience taught me the importance of desensitization when working with dogs struggling with triggers. I continue to learn with my pet dogs and hope to continue to learn more from interning with Sam and working with the Play and Stay dogs.